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Human beings have two mental states while we are awake - alpha and beta. Beta is when our mind moves fast and bounces from one thing to the next. Beta can mean we are being productive but rapid mental activity has been linked to depression and anxiety. When our minds race we can get stuck in a negative pattern of thinking.

Alpha on the other hand is when we are clear-headed and 'in the moment'. This is the state when athletes and other performers are at their best - this is also known as FLOW STATE.

Alpha brainwaves have been shown to boost creativity and resilience to stress and also reduce anxiety and depression.

When your MIND is FREE, PEAK performance

So, what is Alpha State Activewear

all about

We Give back by donating a proportion of our profits to

mental health charities

on a regular



Exercise can help you dial in to your aplha State of mind. Our activewear helps you feel and look good whilst you do it!